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Who Is This Course For

  • Website Owners Who Want to Increase Web Traffic, Conversions, and Sales

  • Business Owners Who Want to Use Digital Marketing to Grow their Business

  • Anyone Want to Master Social Media Marketing

  • Anyone Struggling to Get Traffic and Sales

  • If You're New In Business & Want to Market Effectively

  • Anyone Looking to Start a Career in Digital Marketing Space

  • Anyone Wants to Build a Brand and a Fan Base on Social Media

  • You who Wants to Master Digital Media Marketing

  • Anyone Wanting to Set up a Website from Scratch

  • Someone with a job who wants to create their own business on the side

Digital Marketing Course Description

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Description Of Digital Marketing Course

The Complete Digital Marketing Guide. In this course you'll get 18 Courses in 1, instead of buying 18 different Courses around Digital Marketing - This Course has it all!

This is a 100 % Practical Course - Get Ready For Real-Time Hands-On Experience From The First Lecture!


Course Curriculum

Skills That You Will Learn In This Course...

Intro To Digital Marketing

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Difference Of Traditional & Digital Marketing
  • Components Of Digital Marketing
  • Future Of Digital Marketing
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing
  • Evaluation performance using tools
  • Understanding digital marketing process

Web Dev & Planning

  • Understanding the importance of a website
  • Planning and conceptualizing a website
  • Types of Websites
  • Understanding domain extensions and web
  • Buying Domain and Hosting
  • Understanding different types of technologies
  •  Setting up domain and hosting (Connecting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Overview of WordPress dashboard
  • Planning a website
  • Creating a simple website
  • Assignment #1
  • Introduction to page builders
  • Basic themes and plugins
  • Assignment #2
  • Making an E-commerce Websites
  • Assignment #3
  • WordPress/Website Security
  • Installing WordPress through FTP
  • Introduction with Cpanel
  • Changing WordPress Password/Username
  • Databases
  • Final Project

Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing
  • Types of email marketing
  • Creating an account on an auto-responder
    (ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft)
  • Creating a list, campaign and managing
  • Creating a landing page with working form to
    generate leads 24/7
  • Opt-in marketing
  • Working with automations
  • How to create proper site-tracking with auto-

Ecommerce Marketing

  • What is Ecommerce?
  • Top Ecommerce websites in Pakistan and
    around the globe and their business models
  • Difference between Ecommerce CMS and
    shopping cart
  • Logistics and courier companies
  • How to setup Ecommerce online store
  • How to find profitable products for your store
  • Difference between niche store and mega store
  • How to deal with wholesalers
  • How to sell products on the online store using
    Ecommerce marketing
  • How to do SEO for an Ecommerce store
  • How to start your own online store business in
    Pakistan that generates income everyday using
    both niche store model and mega store model

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

  • What is SEO?
  • How Search Engines Work?
  • Understanding SERPs
  • Technical SEO, Onpage SEO & Offpage SEO
    (Relevance + SEO-friendliness & Popularity)
  • White hat SEO Vs Black Hat SEO Vs Grey Hat
  • Introduction to Keywords
  • Keywords Research (Relevancy, Searches,
  • Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords
  • Keyword Clustering or Grouping of closely
    related keywords for every webpage
  • Keyword Cannibalization
  • Analyzing Competitor websites for Keywords
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • WordPress SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Types of Backlinks

Blogging & Adsense

  • What is blogging?
  • How a business benefits from blogging
  • Finding blogging niche
  • Which category to blog on?
  • Developing a blogging schedule
  • Creating authority using blogs
  • Ways of monetizing a blog
  • How to become an authority blogger in your
  • Real-life examples of successful blogs and
    reverse engineering their tactics

Google Analytics

  • What is Google analytics
  • Why to use Google analytics?
  • Learning the structure of Google analytics
  • Find best performing pages of your website
    from Google analytics
  • Finding the traffic sources
  • Analyzing pages of your website on GA
  • Function of custom reports
  • How to use custom reports
  • How to make a custom report
  • Ecommerce tracking from GA
  • Setting up goals and conversion values on GA
  • Analyzing audience from GA
  • Best practices of using GA for your business

Sales Funnels

  • Learn the importance of sales funnels
  • Example of sales funnels
  • How to setup your own sales funnel for your
    product/service based business
  • Step-by-Step process of creating an effective
    sales funnel that generates cash/sales on

Social Media Marketing

  • What is social media?
  • Understanding the social media marketing
  • How social media marketing is different
  • What is the single most important concept
    about social media marketing?
  • How to create Your Brand Story
  • Define Your Goals
  • Develop Audience Personas
  • Create a Journey Map for social media
  • Identify Key Channels
  • Develop a Content Strategy
  • Draft a Content Calendar
  • Plan Your Resources
  • Simply Measure
  • Creating a perfect
  • content marketing plan
  • Types of content on social media
  • Learning about Facebook Algorithm – EdgeRank
  • Learning about optimization
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Strategy creation
  • Facebook marketing (Both Organic and Paid ads)
  • How to properly use re-targeting

PPC & Google Ads Marketing

  • Understanding PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing
  • Overview of Google Ads and Microsoft Adcenter
  • Understanding Google Ads
  • Understanding Google Ads algorithm
  • Creating search campaigns
  • Understanding bidding structure
  • Advanced level bidding strategies
  • What is flexible bidding
  • Advanced details about bidding strategies
  • Understanding ad extentions
  • Adding ad extentions in the campaigns
  • Understanding keywords
  • Creating ads
  • Tracking performance of ads using conversions
  • Optimization of Search campaigns
  • Creating Display campaigns
  • Remarketing

Display Advertising

  • What is display advertising
  • Types of display advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Contextual advertising
  • Creating an effective banner ad
  • Components of a successful ad
  • Where to run banner ads
  • How to set targeting and location for display

App Store Optimization

  • Mobile app monetization
  • Understanding app monetization
  • Business models for apps
  • How to successfully monetize an app
  • Mobile app marketing
  • How to market your app on both iOS and
    Google Play
  • How to do both free marketing for your
  • How to do paid marketing for your app
  • How to increase rating
  • How to increase reviews for your app
  • How to increase the ranking on app search

YouTube Earning

  • YouTube Important Discussion
  • Channel Creation & Customization
  • YouTube Detail Introduction
  • Niche Research
  • YouTube Algorithm Hacks
  • Basic Video Editing
  • YouTube Off Page SEO
  • YouTube On Page SEO
  • Uploading & Sharing Content
  • Road Map To Enable Channel Monetization
  • YouTube Shots & Live Stream

Lead Generation

  • Understanding the concept of lead generation

  • Why lead generation is important for business?

  • What does a qualified lead means for a

  • Understanding landing pages

  • Understanding sales funnels

  • Landing page vs website

  • Why having landing page is important for

  • Fundamentals of a landing page

  • How to improve the conversion of a landing

  • What does a conversion mean?

  • How to do A/B testing of a landing page

  • Practical exercise – Creating your own landing

  • Best and worst landing page examples

  • Understanding sales funnel important and the
    important of testing and tweaking the funnel
    o Converting leads into sales

  • Creating lead nurturing strategy

  • Use of email marketing in the sales funnel

  • Example of thank-you pages and types of


Affiliate Marketing

  • Fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate network platforms
  • How to pick, analyze and validate your niche
  • Keyword research process
  • Content process
  • How to get relevant niche specific backlinks
  • How to properly create landing pages
  • How I generated 1071 targeted leads using
    email marketing automation
  • How to use chatbots for affiliate promotion
  • How to use Facebook ads for Affiliate


  • What is freelancing?
  • What are freelancing websites?
  • How to setup accounts on these websites
  • How to setup attractive profiles on freelancing
  • How to bid on projects that will more likely to
    be accepted
  • Ways to getting clients on freelancing websites
  • How to deal with clients after getting the work
  • Best practices of freelancing

Develop Online Ad. Strategy

  • Building an Effective
    Online Advertising Strategy

Reputation Management

  • What Is Reputation Management
  • How To Face Haters
  • How To Build Reputation.
  • How To Build Trust
  • How To Showcase Truly Your Business

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